Heritage Genetics

The primary goal of Heritage Genetics is to support rare and minor breeds of cattle and sheep through the importation of semen into the USA from other populations around the world.

Major Services

Major services performed by Heritage Genetics include:

  • Arrange or assist in arranging private semen importations into the USA.
  • Semen storage on-site at Heritage Genetics.
  • Marketing or assistance marketing semen within the USA.

Available Stock

We have a variety of sheep semen for sale. We hope to have cattle semen, as well as additional sheep semen, available soon.

Upcoming Imports

Heritage Genetics is currently negotiating a large importation of sheep semen from the UK. Rams tentatively lined up include:

  • Corriedale X (moorit)
  • Cotswold
  • Lleyn
  • Shetland
  • Wensleydale (white and black)

I hope to have semen from these rams available late this year. If you are interested in these breeds, or are hoping to import semen from other UK breeds, please contact me.

For information about rare breeds around the world, please visit our other heritage breed websites page.

Contact Information

For further information on Heritage Genetics and how we may assist you in your heritage animal breeding needs, please feel free to contact:

Kim Caulfield
Heritage Genetics
4626 Delina Road
Cornersville, TN  37047

Phone (931) 293-4466
Fax (931) 293-2524

Email: kimcaulfield@mac.com